How encourage your self to read??


We all know that reading have a big impact in our life but there is not a lot of people who like reading, i wanna share opinion and ideas from your experience how we encourage our selves to read ??

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  • Try to read every time. The first try to read the easy text and then the medium text and the last is the hard text. If you are a person who don't like reading very much the first you may be punish your self to read read and read every time. Thanks 

    • Hi Darapheak

      I liked your opinion  and thanaks so much for your reply . i liked when you said you punich your self with the time you find reading is like the heaven.

      Enjoy your time.

    • ur idea about reading is true but i think i the first step for that is penchant , so ur suggestion is the second election of developing reading skills ...

      tnx dear Darapheak

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