The group aims to promote reading habits as one of the most important orientations for achieving career goals. Summary or review of books which are useful in some way to EC members can be shared here.

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Little Bee

I'm almost finished my book club book for February. It's a novel called "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave. It's about a refugee from Nigeria who ends up in London. She works really hard to learn "The Queen's English". I hope some of you will give it a try! It's an interesting story with great writing.

What are you reading? 

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  • dear all, I am pleased to inform all that by the grace of `reading books` i have developed `reading therapy` recently. I am practicing it on few students. It is an invention ! Reading has this POWER !
  • Thank you for all those who have recently subscribed to this group. expect some more interesting sharing of various books I am reading currently.
  • Reading helps to set our own VISION and MISSION...Just try it out.

  • hi Joe, thanx for this sharing..i think mystic means `skill` would be quite interesting to read this book, i guess. You may like to share some more details like book price and publication. Keep writing book reviews.

  • Dear Hyunju, welcome to this group. Its a good news for the group that you wish to share your views on the books you have read. We are sure it will help the group a lot. Keep writing. 

  • sara, very good idea..lets see how it can be taken may suggest some link which is worth reading and lets appeal group to enter into discussion after giving opportunity to read and share. Thank you for this.

  • yes, the things have not been easy there for the people. HOPE is the only word for them. Things are becoming some what bearable for the people now with process of democracy on, things would improve. We just cannot imagine the life there during last many years. there is one more book titled `Bread Winner` which also talks about a family that faced tough life during the taliban rule in afghan.I will write some thing on it next time perhaps. 

  • Hi param, welcome to the group. The group will share comments on books that are read or being read by me or others from the group. The group wont keep any book open for group members to read. Just to bring in clarity about objectives..keep writing.

  • Ana, sorry for delayed response. Rich dad, Poor dad is worth reading. I have read it about an year back..It has great philosophy and as a father of a son, i have taken a lot from it. I am busy in reading `In Search of a direction`..It's very inspiring as it gives an idea of how things are bad here in our country and what can be done so that a direction is set to resolve many issues which have been `chronic` issues for this country. 

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Dr. Stephen Covey

This is a miraculous book for those who wish to be great leaders or managers or great human being too.Dr. Stephen Covey has been ruling on the minds of management experts and leaders ever since he published this book. In this book he has detailed about 7 key habits that we need to inject within ourselves. He has also suggested how can we develop them with suitable examples. the language used has been very simple. On google you get a good deal of information about all his writing work and all…

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The Law of Karma

This is a very cute thin book by haribhai thakkar, a spiritual personality from India.It gives, in simple language and with apt examples, an insight of how our action reflects  as fruits. How the saying in Geeta of `As we sow, we reap` actually happens in life, how the past birth and next birth is connected to our karma (action).I feel this book is worth reading and practicing.Enjoy !

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Go Kiss The World

I just finished this book today. It is an awesome experience reading this book. It just takes you through all the experiences that we need at some age or the other and improves the way we look at the job and self business.The chapters in the book are so perfectly connected and simple language makes it more readable. A revision of this book is like completing management course. Rich reading. All should read.other details are given in my earlier post. 

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Go Kiss The World

Hi all, sorry for a long break. I have been reading quite good number of books, however, they are in my mother tongue (Marathi) and hence there was nothing much I would have shared. Now I am reading the book under discussion `Go Kiss The World` by Mr. Subroto Bagchi. He is actually a very successful entrepreneur and is part of a global IT company named Mindtree. The book is his own story of how he saw transformations in his own life and reached to the position where he is today. A very simple…

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