Our Birthday Boy-Rajesh

   It's very rare to notice this young boy who manages to keep up with MyEC all the time. Well....I wonder why.

He's a spambuster!

He welcomes new EC members.

He greets everyone and sends flowers.

He was once named a virus. 

Most of all, he's an active blogger.

Do you know anything about this person? 

What can you say about RAJESH?

Since he just celebrated his birthday, and this group acknowledges bloggers,  this could be our little tribute. 

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  • Happy Birthday Rajesh! I think EC is most lucky to have you as a member, you are always visible, always welcoming and encouraging, with always an uplifiting point of view.

    Any don't worry about your age! I have got to be the oldest EC member here, I'm sure! You'll never catch up! Hee hee.

    • Thanks a bunch, dear Beverly.... !

    • Thanks for your comment Beverly! I bet Raj will be delighted to read your comment. Thank you also for joining this group. : )

  • Her words really made me cry,  dear Junko ! ;( ;(  ;(

  • But he didn't send me flowers :(

    • You are most welcome, Merianne !


    • Hi Merianne,

        Thanks for joining this group!


       Hope you'll like this flower! : )

  • oh! I will take time to reply you all here :)

    Have a good time !

    Thanks !

  • Dear Junko,

    He really deserves this :)

    Hey Raj, are you really crying? Ohh boy! Wipe away your tears!

    • Yas..., yes, really I'm crying ;( ;( ;(    Can you be there with me to wipe my tears ?

This reply was deleted.