World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever

Nations from all corners of the globe will once again compete to win football's highest honour, the 20th FIFA world cup that takes place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July.

A ball hasn't been kicked yet, but we have seen the World Cup's first own goal,..

Football fans around the world have set their say, works,..

share your idea about Top groups. Top final Winners, Top Stars,..

If you liked share news, musics, images,...

This song by Tataloo was just now published (15 May ).

منم یکی از اون یازدهتام

and Rapper Pitbull is the chosen artist to perform

the official song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

" We Are One "

"Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014)"

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  • Have a look on this pic: 

    This pic taken by one of the members of EC: Azam


    • Such a great pic... But hope they were keeping up their smiles after the lose as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • very nice!

      thanks for sharing!

    • uh

      I had heard this song by this lyric :" I dare you to kiss me,.." which was not related to football.

      No, I hadn't watched this that you shared . really nice! thanks. it was nice and how much shows  Messssi !!!!!  did u see the flag of Iran n Argentina besides in video?! ;)

    • The palpable thing that I love about Shakira is her voice... specific and a bit thick... almost the same point with the singer of Rammstein band (Till Lindemann)...

      There is a guy in our neighborhood who just takes after him sooooooooooooo much...even the color of his eyes are the same... I really like watching him haha... but shy to ask him to take a picture with


    • Ja!

      Haha... it may be one of the reasons I like that one...

      Hey... what's ur idea about the last match of Iran?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Needless to say?!

      After all, really unexpected... almost everybody around says "when we make it for once, we get arrogant and spoil the others".... Expecting the victory for that match, everything turned out diverse!!!!???????

      But yet ma love's been toward German team -.-

  • Iran played brlliantly nd the mess-up was by the jerk refree that ***** up every thing..............

  • Some pictures at the side of  football world cup for Iranians:

    08.jpg10.jpg37.jpgand Dr. Rohani  Watching the play at home 

    41.jpg42.jpgand  some other celebrities

    43.jpg45.jpg48.jpg49.jpg13.jpgwith Best Wishes17.jpg



  • Waiting for the mess-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, I like the Shakira's more than the ones u've put here...

    Check that up in Utube if u haven't watched it yet.................................................

This reply was deleted.