Music time!



What are your favorit songs?

Could you share it here with your friends? 

What causes a song stay on top ?   


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    • Oh sorry Mahgol

      For filtering I couldn't see song .

      Forgive me.


    • Oh!


    • song Madaram by Andi.

    • When I was searching in my computer for this song I found 4 different songs with this holy name.

      All of them are really nice and so impressive.

    • Thanks!

    • I like this song.

      Yesterday was my blessing mother’s commemoration.
      This song causes me feel relief by crying and remembering nice days of being beside my beloved mom.

      God bless all lost darlings and keeps healthy all we are with now.

    • hello dear mahgol

      i wish that God will pardon your mother's soul.

      And I wish that you have a blessed life.

    • Thank you Ahmad!

      God bless all of us,Inshaallah!

    • Sorry Mahgol.

      I can't have it, may you write its name, please?

This reply was deleted.