Azerbaijan (/ˌæzərbˈɑːn/ az-ər-by-jahnAzerbaijaniAzərbaycan), officially theRepublic of Azerbaijan (AzerbaijaniAzərbaycan Respublikası), is the largest country in the Caucasus region located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. 


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  • welcome Fateme Zahra Jafari)))
  • Hi i'm so glad that i've joined this group

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  •  rohni vishwakarma  Welcome))

  • thanx for inviting me here.....,

  • Hello I am a newcomer here . Thanks for inviting me

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  • Thank you very much for such a good response and  I'll look through that link and I will learn more about your country.     :)

  • Hi lucy, my answer especially for yours question: Azerbaijani land is famed as “The land of fire” due to its natural burning gas resource from ancient times (because of existence of oil fields). Religious notions of fire worshippers were connected to this phenomenon. Ateshgah (“A place of fire”) – temple of Zoroastrian worshippers is located in the outskirts of Surakhani village where burning gas goes out form ancient times. Nowadays, the symbol of fire is broadly used in the country. The fire is considered the symbol of Azerbaijan. lots of information is here

  • Why you say? Azerbaijan is a land of fire?

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