MyEC Idol!

Hey, Audio Speakers,


This is MyEC Idol!!!!.

Who wants to participate? let us hear your beautiful voice! You might get the chance, an offer from some producer from a song recording company who will make you a Super singing star? At least work on your tongue on pronouncing the lyrics, this for sure will improve your speaking and will build an accent in you, ( British, American...Etc) Try to pick an easy song at first.


You may upload what ever you sing, all what you have to do is two simple things:


1- Put the lyrics that you will sing with the name of the song + the singer who sang it, so we all can follow your sining.


2- Upload your song, from your computer or any menthod you want.

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    • Lovely Mayumi, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! your voice is amazing! It reminds me of Julie Andrews, soft and magical!
    • Good voice and song. Congratulations.
    • You're so brave. I'm so proud of you. Wow! You have a beautiful voice. Can we make requests?
    • Oh Ms. Tara,


      You're comment makes me so nervous (it might be because of the request) at the same time soooo happy! Thank you very much, Ms. Tara for your very wonderful comment.


      Hope the other members would join us here..


      Have a nice day/night,


    • Dear Rafal,

      Oh Rafal, Thanks..You make me very glad with your wonderful comment.

      Though, you are saying you don't have it..But I really really love to hear you sing too..

      C'mmon, Rafal just for fun..



    • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. nice sining Mayumee!! I loved the way you sang this song, I felt it touching, and moving to my emotion. Your voice is really great. I give you 5 stars!. Keep on!



    • Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Mr. Night! Where's the stars by the way...Can you really get a star?  Just kidding!


      I'm happy you liked it...


      Bye and hope to hear you sing again,






    • Well,(ang galing mo din ah) you are a singer too. Congrats mayumi...Hoping to do a duet with you singing POINTS OF VIEW.Take care.

    • Wow! You look gorgeous in this new Photo profile, Song Bird....


      Thanks for appreciating my voice..But I can't really hit a high notes, jejeje..

      I like too the "Points of view". It's a song between friends. But I need a lot, lots, lots of practice before I can sing it..Thanks by the way for inviting me.


      Take care sweet Song Bird,


  • @song bird,


    Wow! Fantastic voice..I bet your idol is Regine Velasquez?

    Nice one..Hope you post your voice again...again...again..Like it!

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