Be A Newscaster 2013

In 2012 many people participated in the Be a Newscaster group. I figured it was time to start a NEW Discussion for 2013. Better late than never! Thank you to all of the dedicated members, including Nadira and Gabriel who continue to support this group!

Every Tuesday English Club publishes a weekly news report. There is a self study exercise to go with the story.

You can practise your speaking by recording your voice as you read the transcript. Upload your report in the comments below by using a program like Audioboo, or by recording it on your computer and using the paperclip above to upload the MP3 file. You can share your recording each week.

You can also record yourself answering the discussion question. Have fun! 

Thank you to all of the advanced learners and teachers who help out in this group! 

We use the Interactive Phonemic Chart to help explain different sounds.(Here is a keyboard for you to type symbols.)

Please take a moment to watch this video. It was produced by the very talented Camelia.

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  • Wow Jorge,

    Successful job !

  • Thank you Little Tree, very encouraging :))

    Thanks again for taking time to post a comment.

    Regards, Selma,

  • Hi,

    if you would like to say something about my recording, I'll be happy with your reactions,

    and Dearest Tara and my great mentor Gabriel,

    Let me start by saying that " English " is a really complicated language :))

    I was not sure about the pronunciation " declared " and "priority" ,

    I hear spelling of "declared"  as "dɪklerd" not  dı'klerd 

    and the word "priority". "praɪˈɔːɾəti"  which is said "paɪˈɔːɾəti", what the function is the letter "r" in this phonem ??, if we won't use it.

    (If I got it right)

    priority in Oxford

    declared in Oxford

    I would be really really appreciate, if you could help me,

    with my best, Selma....

    • Hi Selma! Great to see you working hard in this group. If I ever miss your recordings, just leave me a note on my page. You did a great job on this week's news report.

      The word "declared" may be pronounced different depending on who says it. 

      For the word priority, we should be able to hear both letter r's in "priority".

      Please check your pronunciation of international. Both a's are short a's. 



    • Hi Tara,

      Thanks a lot for your quick responds, of course I will let you know my messages with a great pleasure :)

      now, come to pronunciation, I am glad to hear depending on who says it, actually we should be flexible a little more on this issue, shouldn't we ? Well, in point of fact, there is the same situation in Turkish language but there is one Istanbul accent, which I speak, has no alternative. İn spite of IPA, English is a worldwide language and surely it will be significant differences.

      The word "International" "t" is a clear sound in your link, but I hear silence "t"  in the variety of discussions at The American Medias (i.e. www. State of the Union) ,

      Such as in that video, but I see you what mentioned about.

      Best regards Tara,

      Ps; I am so sorry for devastating in The Philippines, God bless them,

      with my prays,


    • Great point about that disappearing /t/! It depends on the accent and region of the English speaker. Here in my area of Canada, we pronounce that /t/. 

      Yes, the situation in the Philippines is heartbreaking. I'm very worried about our longterm members Robbie and Lynne. I haven't heard from either of them, and I have sent them a few messages. I truly hope that communication is just too difficult for them at this time. Keep them in your positive thoughts. 

  • Here is the link I mentioned before,

    Interesting Facts about English

    doubtlessly, you'll find it very useful,

    sorry for going beyond the scope,,,


  • Hello Everybody, especially to our tutor

    Dear Tara,

    I hope you all did fine all along my absence,

    Today, I saw an attractive note above the EC page, when I was surfing EC said " facts about English" that's been really *interesting info and keep going on flying with one thing and another, anyway, finally I melted in an historic article,

    so then I decided to read and record, I know it was not the same thing which Tara asked to listen&record but still I'd like add it to your attention,

    I give my respects to whole EC family members,

    God Bless You,

    * I strictly recommend you to find and read it.

  • Many of you enjoyed a break from this group this summer. It's time to get back to work! Please invite NEW MyEC members to join this group. You can show them the ropes by teaching them how to use (and embed) Audioboo files. 

    I'd like to hear your reports for the first week of October: Saudi Women Seek Right To Drive. I'll be using this story as an example in my upcoming presentation on EC's Listen to News. 

  • Excellent! I'm so glad you are trying reports from the Interesting Facts podcast. Be careful with your rising and falling intonation at the end of a sentence. Sometimes your voice goes up when it should go down. The rising intonation is used in the first sentence because it is a question. 

    Here is a word to practice: 


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