For Arabian people, who can learn English language the easy way.
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Hello Every Body

we can help each other to be professionals in English Language.
We can Also discuss important things in English like relationship between Arab World And All the world & other topics that belong to Arab World

U think this group will contain Arabian people only in beginning, coz the common thing is ( Arabic language) , However we will have GREAT HONOR if any one join us from any country outside the Arab world.

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  • Hi guys :) 

    I'm from Egypt :)

    I have one question this an active group ?

  • Hello every one , Could me practice English within your group ? I'll be so pleased if I find kind members who helps me to improve my English language like you ,

    I think it is a very good idea to learn English between Arabs , because our mother language is the same , so I endorse strongly this group aiming to give an efficient practice ..

    all respect for you .

  • Hi . Eventhough I'm a filipino but I would like to learn Arabic and share my perspectives in learning english. Looking forward for this new endeavor.
  • My name is Abdelmalek,I'm from Morocco, I want to learn English with you.

  • hallo everyone in this group my name is sadeq im from yemen im happy for ibecom new member ihope we are discuss topics which it imprtant to arab nation as arab spring revolutions

  • hello everyone,i am lama from syria.i'd like to join your group and so learn english from each other,and at the same time,i will enjoy sharing our syrian traditions with you.
  • Hi Ahmad
    thank you for your invitation ..iam so proud too to be here son
    will check it later inshallah

  • hi
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