The aim of this group is to focus in real English literacy. Following and doing the exercises of advanced  books, practicing the exercises in pairs, groups, etc. Also it includes articles from the most prestigious newspapers or magazines.

It doesn´t matter what book, magazine or newspaper we use, the idea is improve with the support of an official and wellknown issue, from a recognized editor.

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Lesson 1A

Hello everyone

I have selected this book, I send you an example of that. Maybe the image is blur, I´ll try to enhance it. So if you have any ideas, welcome that.

If anybody wants to work in pairs, don´t hesitate to communicate it.

Lesson 1A

I attach pages with better resolution, only the exercises for work in groups


happy at work.pdf


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  • Dear all. I hope you are well. I left behind this group for a long time, but I´d like to restore it. If someone wants to practice this topics it would be great.
  • For those who were interested in business articles I attach you one of the latest articles posted in Time magazine. It is related with an interesting course I´m taking and that, I definetely recommend to you: GLOBALIZATION OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE

    trade above politics.pdf

  • It is really good. Thanks a lot. Carry on.


  • Another exercise about Business vocabulary


  • Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:

    The price of oil (reached its lowest point) in July and began to rise soon after.

    (a) cut corners
    (b) closed out
    (c) broke even
    (d) bottomed out


    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:

    After the fire the company was forced to sell most of their merchandise (although they lost money).
    (a) by a long shot
    (b) at a loss
    (c) in black and white
    (d) in the long run


  • Check your Business knowledge out

    Business Vocabulary1.pdf

  • Hello Anastasia

    Exactly it´s a)

    The idea of this quizz is to start a business discussion among partners.

  • Dear Carlos
    I think that the right answer is the first :barking up the wrong tree......

    1. We’re ______________ by blaming the production staff for a fall in sales. It’s our sales team we should be talking to.

    a. barking up the wrong tree
    b. putting all our eggs in one basket
    c. shooting two birds with one hit
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