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We are experiencing multiple types of teaching and learning approaches in English. This issue become more relevant in places where English is treated as second language. We know that the traditional way of teaching where teacher has an extreme major role and the child almost a silent listener has little role in acquisition of English. 

If this is the ground reality, what is the remedy for it? Would you please share your views and ways so that we could improve our English classroom in a great extent.

Thank you.

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  • Mr Premarajan , Thanks for your comment.

    As we all know , we should make students to participate in class activities...It depends on teachers how to make them do that...

    I myself try to put them in a situation to talk.For instance , I asked them : suppose that you are in a mall in a foreign country.Try to communicate with the people ,and ask them questions about their habits , hobbies , culture , and questions like this... After a few weeks , they all will try to do that and they will improve their speaking

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