• Correct, Hman.

    It is used to break bicycle drive chain.

    This certain one in my picture was called as "Chain rivet extractor BT-750" by manufacturer(Marwi).
    But normally, it's simply referred as chain tool.

  • Chain remover on motorbike or bicycles.
  • I think that someone should know the answer by now. We can just wait until someone recognizes one or the other. I think we have enough hints scattered around and now we have to wait : )
  • Yes Bob you're correct, they do the same job.

    I believe that, that other "rack" on your tool, have other function.. it may be needed, for fine tuning, when using this tool for assembling.

    My tool should be able to manage all sizes too. At least it's what the manufacturer claims..
  • If I am correct, let's let people keep guessing about what the tools are for, because the more I look at yours the more I am convinced that they do the same job.
  • I think that it is closely related to a tool I have had for many years. Mine was made in England by Cyclo.

    Am I correct? They look like they have the same function. Mine was made to be used on two different sizes of items, but does not look like it is as comfortable to hold as yours is.
  • Dreamer Man, do you mean, that it's used to clamp something into desk?
    I'm sorry, but no. This tool is not intended to be used that way.
    Try again. :)

    PS. There's also full sized picture linked to that photo. Click to photo, to see it in it's original resolution. ^_^
  • this tool is to fix something on table ??
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