Something really touching !!!

This is something, that I found in i-net before several days. One from the members of the group asked me to put it here, so more people to see it and think about it. I found it really sad, but true. Maybe this can help us discovering ourselves in one different point- the nature lovers and protectors.

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  • Hi
    This is a great, indeed, a true picture painted by the young angel, Severn Suzuki, in form of words, approximately delivered two or three decades before. Now the situation of environment has grown more worst, even we are on the brink of disaster. This is a very simple but in fact a great effort of Sevotlozara to create public awareness by putting this video on here. It is not merely the responsibilities of world organizations or heads of the states but every individual of this tiny sphere, world, to come and realist his/her responsibilities and response and follow the voice of this angel of 12 years.
    Kind regards
  • Thank you Zara for heeding my advice.
    It's fascinating,the rousing speeh of this wise child.
    Awesome!She is really making a point,to draw maximal attention to this subject.
    The same thing makes me worry too,constantly.
    I also keep worring about the future of our dear children!
    Something should have been done,but nothing happens,really,just too small steps.....
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