Are we really able to ..??

When we talk about the human,we talk about great abilities that Allah gave to us.Of course those abilities differ from one to other,but the question is ; Are they limited or not?If they are,how to know our limits to stop trying then?

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  • God has fashioned us with an intelligent mind. he has also fashioned us uniquely different from every single thing, even be it with twins.if we discover our potential, we can most certainly reach to the best of our limits. our natural intelligence of understanding is the guide given to us by God Almighty ,of what should be done and when should one stop...
    too much of any thing is not good for the soul too.
  • So nice a topic ,dear Jihad ...Thanks
  • There exists no limits ...We draw fences around ourselves ...We find excuses in the environment around us which keeps us back ...If we find the source of our abilities ,the divine deep there ,we will be given all the abilities ...The only thing we do need is our source ...We should always keep in our minds that without God ,the source ,we are nothing ...He is the creator whose power is unlimited ...For He is the source of power ;the creator of all ....If we get connected to Him ,we can flow in the ocean of His power ...We become divine ....But the question in all minds is "WHERE IS THE SOURCE? " ;"HOW TO GET ACCESS TO THE SOURCE?"....You see ,I myself put limits around myself ....Ah...We do know our flaws ,but ....
  • i think some persons are good at some fields but not all of fields.You can understand everything about this doesn't mean you know as well as another.That's limit.but in yr field there is no limit. The more y try the more y know.It shows yr abilities, yr strong points of each the way, it's not necessary to know our limits to stop trying them because when we r really trying in something, we can get good things from it.So developing yr strength and improving yr weaknesses is the matter.
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