You are the most critical variable of your happiness, success in achieving what you want. You can manage your response to them. Your skill and your ability to manage yourself directly affect the extent to which you achieve your goals.
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  • I agree with all of you: in fact 20 years ago I achieved one of my important goals in my life with a strong willpower, and I wish to become a new member. Thank you for your reply.
  • I joined for it seems a nice group .. :)
  • first have a nice time all of you :)
    i think the most important thing that when we discovered our self we can succeeds in psychological reconciliation with the other side of our personality
  • sometimes i think that i don't know myself..sometimes i think that i am changing all the time..loosing my real persanility..i feel crazy..i feel lost..all what i love yesterday i hate it today..sometimes i think i am a succesful women then i change my mind..i believe that if we want we can..but for some reson i can't get my goal..i am confused about me..
  • Hi everybody, I want to join this group. Its concept attracts me.
  • Sam,
    I appreciate you, how nice and touching topic you choose.
    I want to an answer to your last question which reached me with message.
    I am happy, yes. Because " I do my ownpicture. "
    Thank you for your labour to active us....:))))
  • thankyou for your lovely words of advice Aqsa,....most of it i do practise....especially number at strangers most probably giving then the impression that i am cuckoo

    yet one of the best thiiiiiiings i like to do to show my 32
  • hello freinds i"ve just joined your group and i do like topics...ALLAH provide all human beings with huge abilities but poeple dont use them ,they are lazy and they dont have a greta energy to move on and this is bad because Allah is gonna ask all of us how,where and why we diidnt use our ablilities .so are you ready to respond to this critical question!!
  • Dear Svetlaroza!
    It was amazing!You should put it up to the discussion forum,and start a new discussion,so more people'd be able to catch it,and give his/her opinion about it.
    Please do it!
    This child made a wiser speech,as all the politicians together,at least she was earnest,and I shared her worries too,regretfully!
    Thank you for sharing this video with us!No1!Really!
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Something really touching !!!

This is something, that I found in i-net before several days. One from the members of the group asked me to put it here, so more people to see it and think about it. I found it really sad, but true. Maybe this can help us discovering ourselves in one different point- the nature lovers and protectors.

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Are we really able to ..??

When we talk about the human,we talk about great abilities that Allah gave to us.Of course those abilities differ from one to other,but the question is ; Are they limited or not?If they are,how to know our limits to stop trying then?

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