In this group we will collect the experiences of different members. Everyone has his own experiences, and we can all learn others from them. It will enrich our language levels too.
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Welcome my friend for your experience group

At first ,you may think that group established to speak about works only. I'd like to tell you that group created to exchange experiences in any scope of life not only for work but also for all aspects of our life. If you have any experience please tell us about it.

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 Month best blog June 2013.  Life without Television by Teacher Tara Benwell

 Month best blog Aug 2013 . Dealing with people by Sunil

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  • Hi every one in this group. I am spending my spare time to teach soft skills including spoken english for high school students in a remote village in the southern part of india, which is a creative experience to design self learning kits.I have seen good results in students to develop the attitude of exploring new things .Let us share our experiences like this.

  • I am very glad to join this groups where any experiences are shared to each other .
  • Thank you for inviting! Great group, as people said, experience is the greatest teacher, and I'm happy to learn from others as well.
  • Thanks Sir for Invite me here, I hope I can learn more here,


  • Thank you for the invitation to join this group.


  • Hi Mr. Mohamed 

    Talking about caffeine, let me tell you that I love coffee, here in my country we have good coffee, we export it too, so we can buy a good coffee not too expensive and enjoy it every afternoon at 4:00 pm  with a flat sweet bread called "champurrada"...

  • Hello every body i am sima from Iran

    i have lots of Experience of to being woman in a Islamic country .but the things that i really love  is  reading other experience  of other members and as human and use of them in my life this makes to know others sight and  other people and other culture  batter  that this is really makes me exited .

    thanks mohamed -El.Adawy.

  • Hello everybody! I want to share to my experience in IT. I have tried to describe it in my blog: Relationships with my colleagues. I will be very happy your reviews. Thank.

  • Hi

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Travel to a place don't speak your language

Last month,I visited my neighbor country: Cambodia.At the beginning,I think with English I can travel all over the world.It's true,but not enough.May everyone just share their successful travel experience.No one tell about their experience to deal with travel accidents, for ex: how to trannsport,eat and play in somewhere people don't speak your language.Do you have similar experience,pls share!

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Learn English perfect manner

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Dealing with people

hello all,I do counseling for various reasons mainly for career and relations. My experience shows that most of the people do not have enough understanding of the words that are used in communication. The power of expression is not experienced by many leaving many problems coming in self life.We all know that communication is a cycle. it has to be kept on and on and on..till we achieve what we expect, without hurting any one. There is no reason to hurt. When we hurt someone, either physically…

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Experience - by choice

Hi,Every thing we do results into an experience. So, experience has a lot to do with `actions`. I am working on concept called `experience by choice` (and not `by chance`). My experiments so far has given me fruits and many still to follow. By chance experience is some thing which is not in my hand, it just happens, many times naturally. By choice experience is by a design. I can select the area in which I need to take experience. It brings more happiness. By choice I can be calm, reading,…

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