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  • Hi Yan Wenping! Welcome to the Evening class group!

  • i have become a new member here ,hi everyone...

  • Roy, if you write the reply about the attachment and pictures in the lesson post and I then reply to you, you will get an email notice directly from the website to tell you there is a reply to you. But if you write it here on the 'comment wall', you won't get an email notification and you have to visit the wall every time to see if there was a reply. Do you get it?! :)

  • Oh, you have a nymph?! She looks more like an angel!

  • Thanks. I accept then that you can not only view the 2 pictures in the post for Week 9, but also open the attachment. Many students from my other classes say they can't do that. So, I don't know what is going on. The problem must be with their programs of software as a few students do not experience any probs with viewing and attachments. You don't have to download the attachment if you don't need it. Just read it if you think you need the background for the week's lesson.

  • Hi Roy. Congrats - you are the first member of this group! I'm doing John's job here; so, don't worry about him! Now you can go to the discussion forum (click on the topics, "Welcome" and "Week 9"), and leave comments there if you feel like it. Please let me know whether you can open the attachment with the "Week 9" post and whether you can view the 2 pictures included in the post about Morocco. You can leave a comment there. Thank you.

  • As first comment here, I'd like to bless you with a Chinese proverb!


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Week 16: NO classes!

NOTICE:Unfortunately I have to announce that this week's classes (Week 15) had been the last for this semester. I have discussed it with ms Bao and it appears to be the best decision in the light of the circumstances. Monday is an official public holiday, and next Thursday there'll be an exam (as indicated by all students present at the class last night). So, suddenly our classes have come to a halt. But the good news is that we would continue next semester. Ms Bao would make the necessary…

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Week 15: Monday/Thursday, 26/29 May 2014

Video lesson: Thoughts from BrazilWe'll watch a 16-minute video about the learning of English in Brazil and discuss some questions.Next month the greatest sports event in the world is taking place in Brazil, the 2014 Football World Cup. Maybe those of you who like football would start catching some spirit for next month!If you want to watch the video yourself, it can be found on this website. Go to "Learn English for Learners" (top of page), then click on "Listening" on the next page, then…

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Week 14: Monday/Thursday, 19/22 May 2014

Mini debate: Cheating and Plagiarism in SchoolsWe'll read a passage about the topic, learn some vocabulary, and answer and discuss some questions before we'll divide into small groups of four to engage in various Mini Debates. See the attachment for detail.11 - W13 - Mini debates - Cheating.pdf

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Week 13: Monday/Thursday, 12/15 May 2014

(1) Short intonation practice(2) Friendship: Discussion about friendship, doing some vocabulary and answering a few questions in pairs or small groups. See attachment, or view here: http://www.englishclub.com/esl-worksheets/conversation/TP_Friendship.pdf12 - W6b - Short Intonation practice.rtf12 - W6b - Friendship.pdf

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