Welcome to all Evening class students from Liao Gongda! As I have explained, if you are interested, I will post the weekly lesson for the next week here every Friday or Saturday to enable you to have a look at the lesson content. You may even comment on the lesson if you feel like it! And if necessary, I will respond to you. You are also welcome to post your own topics for discussion here.

Furthermore, if you want to practice your English language skills, this website has been developed to practice all four the language skills! Just look around and you will find it all! So, take your time and get familiar with the website and participate when you have some time at hand; you will never regret it! And of course, you can make friends with English learners (just like you!) all over the world! So, do yourself the favour and make some friends and chat with them and you'll be surprised how your English level would improve!

And have fun doing so! :)

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