Week 16: NO classes!


Unfortunately I have to announce that this week's classes (Week 15) had been the last for this semester. I have discussed it with ms Bao and it appears to be the best decision in the light of the circumstances. Monday is an official public holiday, and next Thursday there'll be an exam (as indicated by all students present at the class last night). So, suddenly our classes have come to a halt. But the good news is that we would continue next semester. Ms Bao would make the necessary announcement early next semester.

Thank you to all of you for attending the evening classes. I hope that it benefited you and that you can already notice a slight improvement in your English language skills. Good wishes with your upcoming exams, and may you have a good rest during the summer holiday!

SO JUSTITAE ILLUSTRA NOS! (my school logo in Latin)



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    • Thank you for the comment, Hu Fang. I am glad to read that you feel you have learned something from the evening classes. I told ms Bao that I'll continue with the classes next semester. So, if you want to attend again, you are welcome to. But I agree with you, to speak a language (even only partly), one needs a lot of vocabulary, and learning vocab requires much discipline as most students do not like learning that. So, I hope you are determined to improve your vocab in future! You can use this website to help you as there are many features that'll teach you some new words! And thanks for the good wishes for the holiday; may you too have a great holiday! :)

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    • Thank you, Roy; enjoy your holiday too (but before that, good wishes with the exam!). I spoke to Ms Bao and she wants me to continue the classes next semester. I'll let the students here in the group know as soon as she told me about the arrangements for next next time. Btw, Jack still has the classroom key which you gave him. I forgot the short cable to my electronic clock in the class Thursday evening, but I'll go to Ms Bao on Tuesday morning to get it back. See you next time then!

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