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Dear all,


I would love to throw you a nice way of putting this word


while i was eating          on movie, it came up  my minda creative idea.  i have to put the idea here.did you know the word? of course no, because i put space over there. 


                            The word is popcorn. 


Pop=it is genre of music, full with energy and enthusiaism. of course you can dance.


Corn= it is as you know a grain that we eat it. 


so when i put the corn inside the pan, the corn will start  dancing pop. 


so, the corn now is dancing on the melody of oil and fire. i hope you got that deep meaning and a bit of sense of humor . Finally, we will get the great dancer "popcorn".


keep enjoying your movies at eating the king of pop "popcorn". 


Best Regards,

Jamal Al-Qhaiwi 

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So, popcorn means the dancer?

Nope Cissy,but popcorn is popcorn!! so, dont narrow down the discussion(:


Anyway,thanks and nice to see you here.




Thanks Jamal :-) It's pretty funny and useful.

Thank you Lama for passing by!!!


its really interesting and funny ,you make me desire to read more and more of your words.

have a nice time


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