Well, why am i here? i want to improve my speaking English. and i want to do it with members of this site. I offer to discuss interesting topics. For example i am able to offer to watch some movie or read some article and then discuss it in Skype .  you see here are only few examples, so every time it will be something new. Please white me your short introduction and then i will add you in Skype))please pay attention i don't add members who wrote phrase "hi, here is my ID".

I manage speaking club, and we have discussions every Saturday at 5 PM ukrainian time during two hours. if you would to participate,so write me . Please check if this time is suitable to you.

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this is my skype id i would talk to English practicing if any time so please add me  in your skype -> avrao317

Hello, my name is Ahmed , 26.. I work as an engineer. I'd like to improve my speaking and writing English skills. I also find interacting with other people and sharing ideas and experiences very interesting. I believe having discussion in such interesting topics that you have proposed will be beneficial in terms of language and knowledge :).

skype ID: iraqikhalid652@********* 

Hi Please add my Skype ID, Ismail.aminy55

Hi all dear friends, I'm Max a 30-yo a production engineer from Thailand. I'd like to learn and practise English-speaking skill so bad. I used to work with foreign partners and speak English fluidly(not 100% grammatically correct). For now, I realize that my speaking skill starts rusting, if I do not do something to retrieve my speaking skill, I'd lose it.

my interested topic: Music, Science, Technologies, Bodybuilding, cooking, learning strategies

my skype: M@XZIMUZ

thank in advance.

venkat said:


this is my skype id i would talk to English practicing if any time so please add me  in your skype -> avrao317

Hello Venkat, my name is Luis from Mexico, i would like to practice with you.

My skype id is live:lmendocas. Best regards.

Hello there! My skype name is "irrigator06". Can you add me? Thanks...

highcasepriority  thanks to add me.

My Skype ID is +8618612936572.My name is king .I come from china .I am learning English and attending English class now.Nice to meet you .

My skype Count.0n.me@***********


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