Well, why am i here? i want to improve my speaking English. and i want to do it with members of this site. I offer to discuss interesting topics. For example i am able to offer to watch some movie or read some article and then discuss it in Skype .  you see here are only few examples, so every time it will be something new. Please white me your short introduction and then i will add you in Skype))please pay attention i don't add members who wrote phrase "hi, here is my ID".

I manage speaking club, and we have discussions every Saturday at 5 PM ukrainian time during two hours. if you would to participate,so write me . Please check if this time is suitable to you.

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I want to practice with you. My Skype id is nisharaj99.

Please give me some information about yourself

I'm RahulK from India. I'm a member here since 2014. I've been trying to find 'English speaking partners' for a long time, however my search is still on and I haven't yet been able to find any. It's been a long time I've been chatting and writing in English, I feel that doesn't work after a certain level.  Now, I seek to graduate my English conversation skills to next level. To realise it I need to implement several other activities, important of which all is speaking and listening. And I obviously require good speakers to realize my dream. Whoever is serious enough and want to improve their conversation please come and join me on skype.

Skype ID: rahulsns


RahulK, hello to you) Thank you for your informative post. Say me please what is your English level?I will add you now

My skype ID: n_ehsas

Please tell me more about yourself.

That is a great idea and simple way to improve the speaking English. i have the same concept about improve English language . more talk more english. you can add me in skype ID:seedseed

Yes, i know it's important to practice speaking skills.I added you to Skype

Hello, I am Okan, 24 years old, Male,  I am working as a engineer, I would like to improve my English for my job and travels. If you contact with me, I will be glad to you . My Skype ID: wista5944 . 

hello Okan, i like reasons why you want to improve your skills, i added you


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