Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for all your interest in The Speaking Groups, unfortunately this activity was not sustainable and I had to change it.

In this moment I am doing other activities on my website, and I would like to invite you all to check them. If you are interested you can

  • add me as a friend
  • send me a private message

Until next time, keep improving your English and stay blissful!

Much love,


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My skype id: dai_lien@********* (Lien Nguyen). I am glad when taking part into the group. I really want to improve English.

Dear Lien, I have added you to my Skype account. You will recognize me by the profile picture.

Talk to you soon!


hi pilar plz add me my skype id is( kamran.khan1512 )

Hey plz add me on skype: zaiid.ben@outlook.com

Me too

Hi Slamet! I need your ID to add you in Skype. Leave it here and I will add you, no problem :)

Hi , please add me .... my skype id is abdul.rahim.ind

I added you in Skype, please check your account :)

My skype id is englishman.99

please add me.


Hi! Your ID does not appear in Skype, could you please check the spelling?

hi, please add me to the group . My skypeid: lzjever

I sent you an invitation, please check your Skype account :)


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