Hi, I am studying English everyday and I would like to know  the minimum time that I should spend to study everyday?  Your opinion will greatly help me facilitate the preparation of my time schedule.

Thanks for your answers.

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How quickly would you like to learn English?

How well would you like to speak, read, and understand spoken English?

If you want to learn to understand spoken English, watch a movie, or a few American television shows a week, without subtitles.

Start reading a book in English - if you can, set a goal of at least one page a day.

Listen to American / English radio, perhaps in the background while you are at home.

Any or all of these things will be helpful.

And, of course, join a few clubs here at My English Club!

I have watched movies and shows with subtitles, but since now I going to watch movies and shows without subtitles. Thanks for your advice.

Good ideas!I will have a try.Thanks!

Reading books and watching movies without subtitles are great and valuable tips. And my favorites.

Also, whenever you want to learn a new word, have in hands a good English, English dictionary.

And as Frank said, join MEc groups.

I think 30 minutes per day are enough, but if you spend more time you will improve fast. I think the point is to keep studying and never give up.

Sorry, But I think 30 minutes is not enough, maybe 2 hours per day should be enough.

Hi, Ricardo! You are right: 30 min is not enough. Learners should deal with a foreign language at least one hour a day. Listening is very helpful but you should also practice a language on the regular basis both in  written and in oral forms. EC and Skype give us such possibilities.

You can spend about 5-6 hours a day to study english. It depends on you.

Well, learning too much drive people crazy, don't you think so?

I do not think there is minimum but you need to learn english everyday when you have free time.

Charlie, I agree, there is no minimum. It depends on many things: your desire to learn, business and even your attitude to a language you learn. As to me, I have been learning all my long life and I can't say I know everything. I do know grammar perfectly well, but I can't say the same about idioms, prepositions and some vocabulary. Well, answering to the given question, it is necessary to learn hard and consequently for some time. When you reach the upper intermediate level, you may think that nothing changes. But if you go on learning and practicing you will see the difference in time

Dear Tanya,

Yes, it is correct! When learning a foreign language, it is impossible to outline a time frame for study activities. I also believe that the more effort we put in, the greater output we will be able to produce! Whenever we get a chance, we have to make use it for our language-learning-process without being late.




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