I can't to determined the time for English study , my day is very busy from work , family and my interested activety like watch TV and reading, could advice me how can I manage time day to continue for English study


thanks in Advance,


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A few suggestions: Watch television with some paper and a pen nearby.
When you hear a word you don't know in English, just write it down; do the same when reading. Then the next day, as early as you can, look them up. Do it again the next day.
Also, you can try to decide how many hours a week you want to spend studying English. Suppose you choose 10 hours a week. In a five day week, that would be two hours a day. Each day you don't study two hours, you must "carry it over" to the next day. If you have not studied 10 hours during the week, you must finish the 10 hours over the weekend!


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