my idea: in English club: "less friends, more connections with their". what about your idea about that?

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Hamed my opinion is more friends more knowledge.with my experience I learn lots of things because of more friends.

Dear Hamed! Let me disagree with you. First of all, being a teacher I should correct you. It should be "fewer friends". But I disagree in general. Friends are the best thing ever happens to us. Our kids grow up and leave us, our men/women leave us because of different reasons, but true friends are always with us. That is why we call them friends. As to EC, it is of no matter how many friends you have here. But the more people you know , the more chances you have to improve your English.

Yes Tanya you are correct.

being u a teacher , what is the different between "less and fewer "?

Dear Hamid! We use "fewer" before countable nouns, while we use "less" before uncountable nouns, participles, adjuctives or after verbs. For example:

He has fewer friends than me.

We should spend less money.

He is less endurable than his brother.

You should eat less.


thanks Tanya, I got it

thanks alot  , tanya :)

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