hi tanya how are you, i have a problem in using be,being ,was ,were and been while writing and speaking with people. could please tel me how to use these worrds in english


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First of all, remember that be, being, was, were and been are all forms of the verb "is" .
If something "is", it can "be". It can be happening now, or it can be happening later.

If something is in progress, it is being. It is being done, or it is being made, or it is being ironed, or washed, or being painted.

Something that was, used to be, but no longer is. "That's where my house was." "I was a painter when I was younger." "He was going to be a musician when he grew up." 

"Were" is a form of "was". "Where were you yesterday?" "We were in Scotland on Tuesday." "Were" is usually a plural form of was. I was, we were. Exception: You [singular and plural] were. He was, they were.

"Been" is usually accompanied by a form of "have" or "has". I have been waiting for three hours - where have you been? He has been living in Ireland since 2007. They have been working here for three months.

Does that help ?

To me, been is always accompanied by a form of have or has, not usually. That indicates something or someone in continous tense. Please correct me if I was wrong.




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