To all members if anyone online can chat with me.

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thanks you.
I hope you can help me to improve English skills.

I am anew member in English club , I want to improve my English

best regards
oh how do you do, Khalid,

do you mind if i wanna improve my english with you? I think you're a best fitness friend who i 'd like to chat to practce my english skill.

If yes, i will appreciate you so much

thanks in advance and wishing you best
Hi I like to chat with u bcz i want to improve my english
Hello friend,

I want to improve my english speaking skills.. Can you please help me. I appreciate your acceptance... Thanks

Hello Imane,I'm new member here and i want to improve my english.

Please help me.........

Best wishes

Dear Asma! You are welcome! You know, you may ask me any questions

Dear Tanya...

I'm Sony. I'm new member in English Club. I have read your several Tips/lesson in this group. it's very usefull for those who have just started to improve english like me.

I just want ask you, I have a little problem. I always nervous when I want start to talk in English. Could you help me on how to over come this feel?


Dear Sony! I think you feel nervous because you are not confident of what you say and you are afraid to misunderstand a person you talk to. It is a natural state for the intermediate students who don't have enough spoken practice.It may also be a result of your personal shyness. Anyway, to overcome this feeling, it is better to start practicing with your friends or people you know  and trust. It should help you get rid of embarrasement. It is great if their native language is the same as yours while their English is advanced or better. If speaking with your compatriots doesn't make you nervous, try to speak to natives. English native speakers are polite, patient people and they will appreciate your attemps learning their language and will always encourage you. To make a long story short, you should be more confident. The idea of oral personal communication is to understand each other. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes. If you ask to correct you, people will do it. So, what you need is more confidence and more practice.

Dear Tanya...

You're right, Tanya. I always not confident and afraid to make mistake.

as you said that an English native speakers are polite and patient people to help English learners like me, I will do what your advice more often with more confidence.

Thank you very much for your advice. It has made me more confident now! 

Kind Regards



Tank you so much for these advices because it helps me a lot .... even i don't think i'l able to follow it ... because i'm so shy to practice English in front of my friends and i feel as a fool when i try to to that ... even my teacher always used to encourage me to practice it

Mam I'm Dilshan I'm form Sri Lanka' I have lack of English Speaking skill So I need to improve .. So I wanna Ask you DO u have Skype ? IF u have it dilsan23 it's my Id Please mam add me I wanna talk with you at least 10 minutes or  7 minutes .. 


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