I will launch a group to speak English everyday , if u are interested in improving ur speaking u can join us .. just add me khaledemam092@skype

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Alsalamu Alaikum

Please add me to your group.

My Skype ID: moh.othman3

Thank you in advance

dear student: it is informed to u that if any body intrest to speaking english fluently .... and it is also for those student that who cant speak english fluently so we will discuss the topic that we selected and discus in group ......... so we wish u bst of lck

Hi, would anyone  like to practice IELTS with me?
I got 6.5 in last IELTS Speaking section and I hope at least 7 in my next one.

I'm from Egypt so my time is GMT+2

Feel free to add me on Skype "e-modux"



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