I have practice in this group to know more new words and vocabulary and know different new things, so I think reading stories or news is helpful for that. Let us help each other in doing this.
I hope everyone will show a good story or interesting news.

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Hi Tanya,

Thank you so much for your correction. I can learn more from my mistakes and your correction.

You have a nice day


Tanya said:
Hi, Kieu! Your written English is good enough but there are some mistakes. The following is your text with my corrections in the bold letters. If I delete a word, I type "_" there. Compare it with your text to see the mistakes.

A Story about my close friend.

Each _ of us has an influential person who can change our lives, _ make them different in some positive ways and more accomplished; a person who may be a father, a mother, a teacher, an artist or a famous person. These changes become a part of our lives that we cannot forget. Expericing a lot of difficulty in living, I can also realize that each person has some specific traits predisposing me. However, for me, a person who has influented me most is my special friend whom I have met at work.

She is a young, cute and intelligent person. I still remember the first day I went to work. A person whom I met first was her. She looked very bright in the red T-shirt and thick glasses, I said hello and began working under her guidance. _ She could flexibly monitor and take care _ of everything_ well at the work place. It seemed to be easy for her to solve the ocurring problems _. On the first day of my working, she cheered me up with the compliment. That's why I felt very confident to continue working on that day. Even through, at that time, I was not working very well. In addition, she carefully showed me how to work and to react when the customers complained _ about something. However, I must confess that I was afraid very much when she got mad. Nevertheless, She could frankly tell me _everything. _That gradually made me work better _. I really appriciated that. Moreover, I did not worry so much whenever working with her because _ whatever trouble happened she was a person who went ahead to face it. Besides, I _admired her very much, because at the same time she could perfectly handle _ both working to support herself and studying to get excellent grade in a difficult major. I wish I could be strong and smart like her. I have learned many things from her. Living far from home, I feel that only friendship can _ _ help people in tough circumstances. Thank my friend so much for helping me and encouraging me whenever I have problem.

Working in good conditions makes me feel comfortable and I am willing to contribute my small things to the company with the hope that it will become more developed day by day. My friend _was a good and humorous one who _ paid much attention to people's feelings and made such good conditions. Every day, she not only manage_ working well but also made me and others happy and merry with some jokes or humorous stories. _ I could emotionally share with her all _sadness and happiness in my life. After that, she often gave me some good advices because she had much life experience_ even through she was still young. I was deeply affected by her; whatever happened to me, I _ always thought what my friend_ would have done If she had been there. Only thinking about that, I tried to solve the problem or react like _ she had done before. I realized that not only I but also most of people in our company _ respected her very much even the boss. We would do whatever she had told or advised us, for she was so nice and brilliant. Especially, she had good management skill. Every day, we _worked, talked and shared everything together, we became very close _friends. That is why I was so sad _ thinking about the moment when she _ left our company one day, but I could not keep her for myself forever, I let her go _ the way she had chosen that would be better for her future. Anyway, not _ working with her did not mean we were not good friends anymore. However, I no longer saw her every day. "My friend, I will miss you very much if you leave."

One of the most important things, I would like to mention here is about my great friend who was the one to change my life. I remember_ very clearly that she often told me about the education, going to college: "You should go to the college to get a degree, it will be better for your future. I worry so much about you", - _ she said. But I just listened and considered, and I was not doing anything. At that time, I thought that I didn't have enough ability to study, and was not confident enough to go to the college. So _, I delayed month by month. _ She patiently took me out for eating and drinking to persuade me going to school, and talking about my bright future after graduation. She promised me many things that she would do for me if I went to the college. I was _ moved deeply by her kind heart. _ With her strong persuasion, I gradually changed my mind and decided to go to the college. Having learned about my decision, my friend was very happy, and made the plan for me to perform. Every day, she asked me to write an essay for her to correct, and pushed me to finish it on time, and asked me to do some grammar and reading assignments _ . Working every day, I felt so tired that I became lazy, but I still had to _ write an essay because thinking about what my good friend had done for me I tried my best to execute my duty. I knew _ _ she pushed me like that, just because she wanted the best things for me. I needed to pass a placement test to be able to register in the college. With her much support_ and help_, _ I could finnally register in DA college to continue studying. According to her, I could change my life, going to college, and I was confident enough to face to dificulties. I do not know how to express my great thanks to her, my dear friend.

In short, I am very happy and lucky to have a good and wonderful friend like her. It was she who _changed my life , made me ____confident _, and who _much influenced _ much _ the way I_ work and the way I_ think. Moreover, she _ supported me in all cases. And I _ learned from her how eduaction was important for our lives. I will not let anything stop my studying because of my friend who _ inspired _ me for that and who _ placed much expectation on my studying. My responsibility is to try working hard both at school and at work _ to complete my career and to dream not to let her dissapointed ("and my future down" - what do you mean by that?). Thank you very much, my great friend who was the most influential on me and changed my life to the better. If I had not met you, I could not have achieved what I have now__.

I also want to point out to the most common mistakes you do:

Tenses and Sequence of Tenses
Adverbs (wrong place in the sentence)
Participles (forms and Voices)

Besides, you have to chose words more carefully.
Dear Kieu! Yesterday I forgot to explain you one more thing and, of course, you might not have noticed those corrections. So, let me do it now.

There are two different expressions: "every day" and "everyday". They have different meanings.

The first one means that some action takes place every day. For example:

I get up early every day except Sunday.

The second one is an adjective which meaning is close (but not the same) to "casual". For example:

Jeans are casual wear. They are my everyday wear. I wear them every day.

In your story you used "everyday" instead of "every day" more than once, so I don't think those were misprints.
Dear guys! Here is the story posted by Ika and my corrections to it in the attached file. It is a very nice and moving story. What do you think about it? Is love still alive? If so, what is love? Let's talk about it.

Hi Tanya, how are you? I want to share one of my famous indonesian folktale. If you don't mind, please correct my grammar. I tried to translate this text from my language into english.

Loro Jonggrang
Long time ago, there was a big kingdom called Prambanan. The peoples lived peacefully. One day, came a lot of troops from Pengging kingdom. They beat down that kingdom. Pengging Kingdom was ruled by a cruel king, named Bandung Bondowoso. He is very strong.

In there, he saw a beautiful princess, named Loro Jongrang. She is King Prambanan’s daughter. He said to lara Jonggrang, “You are so beautiful. Would you like to be my queen?” Loro Jonggrang surprise after heard that question. She doesn’t know how to answer it. If she refuses, Bandung Bondowoso will be angry and endanger her peoples and family. But if she accepts it, she really doesn’t like him.

Finally she got an idea. She said to Bandung Bondowoso “I will marry you, if you can make a thousand temples for me. And those temples must be finished in one night“. Bandung Bondowoso agrees, and asks his adviser to prepare all that he need. After everything is ready, Bandung Bondowoso calls his friend from the other world, like giant and genie. He said “My friends please help me to make a thousand temples.” Not for long, sky become dark, and his friends appear. They said “What should we do, my lord?”. Bandung Bondowoso gives an order and they start to work.
They work very fast. Before day break, they have finished 999 temples. Knowing that they almost finish, Laro Jongrang become worry. She tries to seek some idea to make Bandung Bondowoso fail. She call several girls, and ask them to pound lesung; a place for pound paddy. Hearing that voice, the cocks start to crow. The giants and genies heard cock crow, they guess that the sun will arise momentarily. They go and leave Bandung Bondowoso alone. Bandung Bondowoso knew Loro Jonggrang’s entire plan. He becomes very angry. He said to Lara Jonggrang, “because I just made 999 temples, so I curse you to become the thousandth.”. Loro Jongrang immediately becomes a statu.

Until now, some of those temples still exist in Central Java. We call Candi Prambanan. I also enclose some pictures of Prambanan temple.

Thank You,

I ask you all not to start any discussions if they already exist, OK?


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