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I have got two cats and a puppy. Let me introduce my dog first. It's a Yorkshire terrier that will become a small dog.The puppy has got a fine, silky coat. In comparison with many other breeds, Yorkies do not shed their coats to the same degree, so they are hipoallergenic.
Here she is:

At this photo Vivi is about six months. She is gnawing a kind of artificial bone.
My pet was bought in Poland. Why in Poland? The answer is simple and maybe unexpected - because in this country different things, food, pets and all that stuff cost cheaper than those ones in Russia!
Vivi is incredible friendly and lively! She never walks, but always runs as if she is preparing for dog race! Her favourite game is hide-and-seek. In her opinion, all the creatures are her close friends!

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Hello, Natasha!
I'm glad, that you have told us about Vivien! I know your puppy very well! :-))) She tried to "defend" you, when I visited you - she growled like a big dog! :-)))
Yes, she likes to play - it seems, that she has an electric engine inside! :-))) It's interesting, how is it at night? Please, tell us more about her!
cute vivi
Hi Inga,
Thanks for the comment! When Vivi had appeared in my house, she was too young and didn't know the rules of behaving. She woke me up even at night. By now she has become the smart puppy, and understands how to behave herself!
Hello Karenina,
Thank you very much for praising my description! I tried to make it clear. My family and me look after Vivi in proper way, and she gives back her love to all of us. I'm glad that you like her hair - it's really great!
Hi Fizzy,
I know you as a humane person - I've read that you feed stray cats! So do I. Thanks for your warm comment!
Hi Muge,
I'm happy, a lot of people, including you, like my pet! Thanks for reading and commenting my story!
I am very glad you like my pet! You are a man, but many men feel shy to show their feelings - for example, love for animals... As for you, you don't. Thanks for good words...^_^

You're absolutely right! It's not important, who you are -- male or female! Your position in life --that is the most important thing!
Hi Faridahmad,
It's good, that you take my thoughts rightly. Thanks for the comment1
Hi Natasha!I was so happy to see Vivi,because i also have a Yorkie puppy(male) and i just love it!Vivi is adorable :)

Andriana, thanks for your nice words about my and your dogs!

BTW, here you can see a lot of my answers to people's comments that were deleted, because these members had closed their accounts. Now they have returned to MyEC.

I like kittens at all  :P


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