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Let's have a time trip!

 my lovely Country

 The First Tehran's map











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Very nice!
Let me open EC from my computer...


what u mean by opening EC from your computer?!


sahar jan!

can you guess where the other friends are?

Darius,Mahdi,sinderela,....even that mr.Haeri;have you ever seen him?

Mahgol dear!

Yesterday, before you say anything about those nice old days and asking about our friends in this group, I was searching in my computer and I found this:

(It was written last year)


And I remembered our group!

It was really strange for me when I saw your comments too!

But now!

I like to be a millionaire :)


how nice!

can you say its link?

I wana sea when was its date and what I comment! :)

I had a dream about "Sinderellasal"!

When I was sleep, I saw that she is here and smiles :)


Her smile was something like this:



It means that I'm using my cell phone.

ohan, cell phone!!!

So it seems your addiction is heavyyy! haha

You can open their page.
But about Sinderellasal she left english club 1 month ago.
Hope that she is ok everywhere she is.
And Mr. Haeri comes here once a year!


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