I think there are many things that can make a person beautiful.

For outside beauty, it just needs beautiful clothes - of course it needs to be neat, and suitable for the surrouding, for the people he talks to - and a bright smile. For women, they can do some simple make-up, that can make them feel more confidient, so more beautiful-I think.

For inside beauty, I think a person has inside beauty if they often do nice things to people arround them for no reason. They make us feel comfortable to play with. They're helpful, easy-going, and reliable, so on. If a person do nice things, and he's considered a nice person, then he will shine on the outside as well. Beautiful people are not neccesarily just pretty-they're people who do the nice things.

If a person is a nice and has great personality, then it doesn't matter what thay look like on the ouside.

That's my oppinion, and you, what do you think can make a person beautiful. Let's share your point of view by comments bellow!!! ^^

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beautiful is relative......

can you help me practise english.. girl from Vietnam?

I come from Vietnam,too :)

my skype: huynh tuan

i agree with your thinking, sometimes, i can see the beauty of other people  even they just smile :)

Hello I would like to practice English with you.

My skype is: jose.conceicao_10


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