I've decided to create an Skype group for Upper-intermediate and advanced English speakers. Anybody with these speaking levels can join the group. If you're interested, leave your Skype IDs as a comment.
Also, this is my Skype ID: saeidengman
You can add me if you want.

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I want to take part of. Please add me. Thanks a million. Skype: jerson.lima2012

Hi Saied, Is this your name.  Thank you, I will added  to you by skype.

Hi there

Iwould greatly appreciate if you add me to this group . thanks Siva

Interested. My Skype id is abdul.fatah0007.

Kindly add me.

my Skype id is oneof.thesalman

Please add me. My skype number is ekrzem


My Skype is pipaten

Ben Nguyen

Hello there!

My Skype ID is: nenad.vojinovic30

Hello Saied, I would like to join in this group, my skype is: alan.brum@outlook.com, thanks!

Let's help each other.
I will be happy if we can talk to each other.

My skype id is parampowershell

my skype id 085277810966


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