Skype (speaking, writing and advices) for English language certificates. (TOEFL, CAE, IELTS)

To anybody who's trying to get an English language level certificate. To speak, practice and to improve our speaking and grammatical skills.

To work seriously together, exchanging advices and working hard to achieve our goals.

If you're interested in speaking, writing, learning, teaching and practicing English with motivation and dedication you can contact me privately or leave here your Skype ID.

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Firstly , hi everyone

I must to say this your goal same my goal so we can talk about english language level certificate.ıf you want it and my skype id is (serhan.menevse).I'm waiting your invite.

Hi everyone

I'm interested in practice English on skype. Please feel free to add me as a contact: mackson.almeida01

Hi! I want to be part of the group to improve my English Skills. I will appreciate it if you add me 

Skype Id: charliecrack2

skypeid:   jose_14610

That great Idea ,Ihave the same motive and goal to Improve my english level

In all skill specially spoken skill,my skype :sadeq.alodini1

Hi, I'd love to join this discussion. Please add me " live:blackpuppy.b.bua " thanks.


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