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Hello everyone,
I'm Rana, Libyan girl!
I'm looking forward to make a group on Skype for Girls, to practice and improve our English all together!
So if you are interested write you Skype ID below and I will add you :)

Have a nice day everyone! (:

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Hey dear

I can't write my ID here

can I send u a private massage?

Yeah sure :)


I want to join this group


its fantastic idea

i am agree

but i want u add me in this group plz

and also i cant write my skype id here


Okay, send to me your ID in a message! :)

I would like to join in your group

if i am interested and i am Male what should i do ?


Maybe we will make a group for Girls and Boys!!! I will let you know. (:

thanks Rana

You're Welcome!

Go to Thailand and have a operation,LOL

my skype is haohao hi. please  contract to me


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