I am looking for a couple people who would like to practice speaking English with a native English US tutor. The practice will be free. I am particularly looking for people who need to practice for a specific reason, like an upcoming test, but anybody is welcome. If you are interested, send me a private message with a little background info (where are you from, how many years have you been studying English, why do you need the practice now, any tests like Toefl you may be working towards..). Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Anana,
I'm Muhammad from Egypt , I really need this practice to boost my English listening and speaking skills, because I plan to immigrate for study an other field rather than which I've studied before.
Excuse me , You asked to send you a private message. But as you see , I can't send you any message now before you may accept my friend request.!


Hello, Anana, I need to practice for my IELTS exam, but that will be next year, so I don't cram. I'm really looking for a native speaker who can converse to me in light to develop my four English skills and obtain the skill to pass the exam with flying colors. Also, I'm preparing myself on how to communicate fluently and don"t feel hesitate whenever I talk. 

Thanks for opening up this topic here. God bless!

Hi Anana

I would love to practice English, so far I've been learning English for 4-5years ,but nothing has improved since I have no one to talk to and I don't have any confident about talking in English and so on.that's why I would love to speak English, I also have a plan for taking ietls exams too. Btw I sent you a friend request since I cannot pm you.For more information, please accept my request.


Hi Anana, I am Kevin. I am living in Vietnam. I have been studying English for years and I also have been using English in working. But I still feel that I am not very confident  when  listening and speaking English with people. I am really interested in your topic opened here.


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