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I am Nguyen Thi Hoa Hue.My name is too long to read.So can call me Ms.Flower.i'm happy that.

I am one of person who feel Engish is very important nowaday.But i did try so much but i can't speak E faster and clearer.because i have no firend who can speak English good and clearly to hepl me.

So I make a topic with hoping that everybody can join and hepl  improving together.

if you agree with me,please give your Skype ID to me.
I will open a speaking English Group everyday with topic inday.

My Skype ID : girl_4eyes

Thanks for Reading.

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hii want to speak english fluently pls help me my skype id is luckylakshmi25
pls add me

Hi Lily,

Please add me.

ID: solobogdan79

my skype id
send me request plz

I totally agree with you.

My Skype ID: english1731

  • Skype:giacomo.gonnella1 Hi, I’m Riccardo & Valeriano boy, from Italy, I read your comment about needing to practice speaking Eng so do I. hence, pls have a discussion ***

Hi Ms. Flower!!

That's a great idea, I have the same problem with my English I know how to write it but when I need to talk that's when my problems begin.

if i could join to this gruop nowadays ?? or i couldnot ??!!

I'm also interested in having daily group discussion. here is my Skype name: saeidengman

Hi, Mr flower

I totally agree with you. As you, i have learned English for 6 years but until now, i haven't still spoken English infuently. So, please add my nick skype.

nick skype: le.van061288

hello lily flower
 i read your topic(english dialy) and i admir by it
 now i want to say i started to learn english
 but i had problem , my problem is i cant fine some one to speak with me
 now i want group if you have that to add me to speak english with skype or hangout or any thing help me to be flountly becauce i am a begginer
 can you help me ........!!!!!!!! i hope that i expect that

Hi Ms.Flower, I would join your group of conversation on skype because I would like really improve my english with someone, I hope you will add me. id: jules_1030

my name manish from india.i study engineering my major is computer science.i wish to improve my speaking and listening skill.give respect and take respect.My ielts exam in august.my skype id:mahajan1002


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