I am Nguyen Thi Hoa Hue.My name is too long to read.So can call me Ms.Flower.i'm happy that.

I am one of person who feel Engish is very important nowaday.But i did try so much but i can't speak E faster and clearer.because i have no firend who can speak English good and clearly to hepl me.

So I make a topic with hoping that everybody can join and hepl  improving together.

if you agree with me,please give your Skype ID to me.
I will open a speaking English Group everyday with topic inday.

My Skype ID : girl_4eyes

Thanks for Reading.

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Hey flower, add me on skype

my skype: zaib-shahid1

i will surely talk to u when i m available :)

Thank so much.i agreed your request.

I sent you a request on Skype

Hi Ms Flower. You can add me. My skype id is  riya.sen13. 

Hi Hue. I am Nam and im Vietnam and you too? I want really make friend with you. i hope you agree. Thanks.

oh, no problem...you welcom....^^

Can I have your skype please?

Or please find me by the name: naseerafghan10

hello, i added you on the list, my skype address is tung_262. Glad to become yr friend !

Hi ... i will try ,, my id : masterhead288

hi flower....how are u? here is my skype avinash.reddy.yalla 

add me wil talk when ever we both online


Hi Mr Flower:

I am from Chile and if you want add my skype id: facebook:flixvsdrex 



hi Hue, iam Thu iam from vietnam too, your ideal is so great.iam learning english now,but  as u see my english is so poor n i want to improve it. iam very pleased to make friend with u n everyone in this room.u can add myskype: rainbow_1602 thanks alot!


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