I would like to propose you all to introduce yourselves here with some ground rules described as below.

  • Who you are
  • Where you are from
  • What your education(background) is
  • What you expect to gain form this group
  • What you can contribute to this group
  • What you would like to comment for this group


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Hello everyone;
Thanks AgnesLow's idea, it's so great.
My name is Sophiele. I am from Vietnam and I am living in Hanoi. I have graduated from National languages University, Chinese department, but I really love English. I jointed this group do hope can improve my knowledge of English. Would be nice if all of us can help each other in learning English.
Best regard
I am javaid from pakistan have a bachler of Art degree from karachi uninversity , I want to expecpt to gain writing English , I have give this group daily 2 hrs , I want for comment about nature , love , country and humanright ,
Hello, everybody...
My name is Siesca, an Indonesian.
Now I'm studying English Literature in Indonesia University of Education.
I joined this group to get more resources for my study and of course, to improve my English skill.
I'm a newbie here so I don't really know what to do in this forum.
It nice to see so many people who are using english to express themself.
I have recently joined this social networking site . Even I am well known to internet but I dont know about this site that how this site is functioning .I want to know how you are using this site to increase your speaking skill.How I can send messages to all groups members. Tell me something about this site.

And I think that It is good to have a partner to enhance speaking skill in english. I am somewhere on upper-intermediate level and I know about fluency tricks too. I would like to join you as partner.

What do you think about this.
Let me know about your availability.
Soon I will send my Gtalk,skype,yahoo ids.
thanx for join this site , it is very easy open ur account in my English club, and make friends , start the discuss , chat . and other
hello, i am jiangtao , from China, i want to pratice spoken english with some friends on skype, if someone add me, i will be very glad
i have sky pe , do you like to speak with me , plz send ur id of sky pe , will I add u there ?
Hi I am Yummy From Indonesia,
and I study English at academic but I feel my English is very bad so I enter this Club to improve my English.
My name is Steven I am living in Spain, in Mallorca. I love english and I would like join to this group, my age is 36 and I am graduated, I love foreign languages and I think I can contribute to this group with my expercience in learning foreing languages and maybe more.
The thing is have a nice time while we learning more and more easy as in school I think.
Hi all.
I am Duong. I am from VietNam. Iam Girl.
I had graduated 1 year.
I hope my english will be better.
I hope everybody can share the ways which you learn it the best.
Thanks for all.


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