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I would like to propose you all to introduce yourselves here with some ground rules described as below.

  • Who you are
  • Where you are from
  • What your education(background) is
  • What you expect to gain form this group
  • What you can contribute to this group
  • What you would like to comment for this group


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Hi all, let me introduce myself first,
My name is AgnesLow, I'm a half-blooded chinese.
I'm from Vietnam, I live in Hanoi.
I'm a high school graduate.
I would like to share more about me only to my friends here due to privacy.
I'm looking forward to improve my english skill and to get more friends so as to expand my network and communication.
I'd like to share my concepts and ideas focusing on studying ESL , in fact, general social duties and obligations will be optional.
I wish members here would get more progress participating as active members.
With all due respect,
Hi AgnesLow, I am Kai
I am from Thailand , I live in Bangkok.
I am an university graduate in business degree ( Industrial Management). I work as an international sales support/Secretary for my department.
I would like everyone to share more about yourself. I am looking forward to improve my English skills as well as to know new friends.

Keep in touch and hope that we can help each other to expand our network and to improve our English skills

Take care,

Great idea!
1. I'm Tara Benwell
2. I'm from Canada.
3. I have my BA in English from the University of Toronto as well as a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language.
4. My purpose of creating this group was to connect self-studying learners. EnglishClub.com has so many resources for self-study. A learning partner is a great way to motivate and challenge yourself to do the exercises, challenges, and quizzes.
5. I can contribute ideas, tips, and motivation. For example, I recommend that learning partners study English with EnglishClub.com's monthly news. Each story has a discussion question. Partners can also study "The Learning English Video Project" together.
6. I have many ideas for learning partnerships. Just ask! Did you find your partner yet? Writing Challenge #13 is a great way to find a partner. Give it a try: http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/writing-challenge-13-an
hi everyone.i'm Tanh.i born and grew up in province Ninh Thuan.i have just graduated. i have studied automationa. he present i a working in HCM city.i want to improve level english of mine.everyone help me.i hope one day i can communication well by engish.
I'm ahmad from palastaine 23 years old
I'm studing economics
maybe I can contribute some tiny things
no comments just increase activities
I'm areej-from sudan-civil engineer-find a native speaker-I'm under requst for any help-
Hi All,
I'm Ni Made Artini.People call me ni made or artini.I am from Bali,Indonesia and live there,43 years old

teacher of Senior High School.I want to increase my English especially for my students and want to have more friends from all over the world.So far I have nothing to share to this group.Later if I have new ideas important to be shared,I'll do it.Thank you
Hi, my name is Shila Nishad, Singaporean. I am a graduate of Mass Communications and also hold a MAsters degree in Strategic Marketing. My current profession for the past 10 years has been in lecturing in Mass Communicationa and Marketing and also English for Tertiary studies. I joined this group for networking to get to know the problems faced by English learners and to contribute motivationals to boost others' morale and share my teaching experiences as well. I believe the English Club is a great site to belong to as we all share commonness, that is English, it doesnt matter if one is teaching or learning it. I have also added some from this site to my facebook profile list as I believe apart ffrom English, social networking is also a great help where other matching interests bring people closer in other forms. I respect and befriend everyone in my list and hope all will do the same and grow in friendship and language. Cheers!!!
Hi Agnes! My name is Juan Carlo B. Luna. I am 23 years old and I live in the Philippines. I am an undergraduate of Bachelor in Science of Secondary Education. I find myEnglishclub.com as a reliable source of information for people who wants to learn the English. I often visit this site to learn more about the English language. I am learning a lot of things here. I find this site very informative, useful and its really fun learning English here. There are so many sites that offers online lessons but you will have to pay them, here with englishclub.com its FREE!! aside from learning I also gain online friends.
Hi. My name is Tung, I'm from Vietnam. I'm learning in the university now, and my faculty (I think it's the right word) is Computer science. However, it's not really important. I love sports, especially football. It'd be nice if I can find some new teammates here.I'd love to join, because English is really useful in my field, I think. I really need to improve it, so it'd be so nice if you can help me with this. I think, the chatting softwares such as Skype or Yahoo!Messenger are helpful to improve our speaking skill, maybe confidence too.Moreover, it's effective. I'll go first if you don't mind, my SKypeID is tunglxx226, and the Y!M one is tungvn261. Looking forward hearing from you. Maybe we can also hold conference about good topics.
I want a partner for discuss of English language ,
My lovely teacher tara Benwell , I am registor in sky pe , plz add me as friend , I will be happy


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