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I would like to make a group to learn english ( My group is full, thank you for your concern )

I really love English but i couldnt attend any English classes. I am learning english on the internet and also learn from my friends. I often practice english on skype but i think there r some matter here. I dont know how did you practice english on skype. For me, Because I just free talk and even often dont have any topic.So sometime i and my friends dont know what should to talk. I also cant improve my grammar, my vocabulary and manage them in the most practical way.

So, i would like to make a small group ( about 5 -7 people ) to learn english together on skype. We will set our goal for each week, including all skills : grammar, vocabulary, speaking... I mean we will set a part of grammar to learn, and do exercises and discuss about it together. We also choose a paragraph to listen and learn all phrases, vocabulary in there. The topic to speaking must concern to the paragraph. We also do some games together to learn.

Ofcouse we must have a timetable to learn. I hope i will have much respond.
Plzz Contact with me :
My skype is tran_amy
My Yahoo : phuongtm171

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Hey, girl, do u have nick Y!...Give me and I'll contact with u
Nguyen Thanh Son said:
Hey, girl, do u have nick Y!...Give me and I'll contact with u

My Yahoo: phuongtm171. Hope to meet you soon^^

also i want to join your group
Excellent project. Just in case,
My skype is: benji3001
Yahoo: bjmrpe@*********

Please let me know the shechedule for practicing.


me too
Hi all!!

I woud like to join your study group.

that's a good ideia ...i would like to join with you guys
Hi Phuong!

It's a great idea! Can I become a member in the group. I think we should indicate the leader for group. Then, we make a detail plain per week (topic or subject we will discuss). When the group can start?

my skype: anhdn86
Hi Phuong?
Is your group still available? Can i join?
hi, the group will start at 1.30 PM GMT, anyone else wanna join please contact with me.
Hi room! Iam a new comer. ^^
I love English, too. So i can join in this group.
Thanks for all.
Learnt from yesterday, life for today, hope for tomorrow.
Hi Phuong I would like to join this group too.
My YM: Sophie_le@ymail.com


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