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Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Internet Explorer version 7 for Windows.
• F11: Toggle Full Screen Mode on and off.

• TAB: Move forward through items on a web page, the Search Box, or the Address box.

• CTRL+F: Find a word or set of words on a page.

• CTRL+N: Open the current page in a new window.

• CTRL+P: Print the current page.

• CTRL+A: Select all items on the current page.

• CTRL+PLUS: Zoom in.

• CTRL+MINUS: Zoom out.

• CTRL+0 (Zero): Zoom to 100%.

• ALT+HOME: Go to home page.

• ALT+LEFT: Go backward.

• ALT+RIGHT: Go forward.

• F5: Refresh current page.

• CTRL+F5: Refresh both the current page and the cache.

• ESC: Stop downloading current page.

• CTRL+I: Open Favorites.

• CTRL+SHIFT+I: Open Favorites in pinned mode.

• CTRL+B: Organize Favorites.

• CTRL+D: Add current page to Favorites.

• CTRL+J: Open Feeds.

• CTRL+SHIFT+J: Open Feeds in pinned mode.

• CTRL+H: Open History.

• CTRL+SHIFT+H: Open History in pinned mode.

• CTRL+Q: Open Quick Tab view.

• CTRL+T: Open new tab.

• CTRL+SHIFT+Q: View list of open tabs.

• CTRL+TAB: Switch to next open tab.

• CTRL+SHIFT+TAB: Switch to previous open tab.

• ALT+D: Select the Address Bar.

• CTRL+ENTER: Add "http://www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of text in the Address Bar.

• ALT+ENTER: Open the website address that is typed in the Address Bar in a new tab.

• F4: View a list of previously typed addresses.

• CTRL+E: Select the Instant Search Box.

• CTRL+DOWN ARROW: View list of available search providers.

• ALT+ENTER: Open search results in a new tab.

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Replies to This Discussion

Thank You Mr.Ajay Its very usefull....can you post Shortcuts In win 7...because I am using win 7
Thank you Jaushee, you liked and i'll try to win7 shorcut.

sorry jaushee i am replying very late because i went to trip
Most Welcome My Bro. Farid

faridahmad_Afghan said:
thank you dear bro, Ajay.
for information. its the easy way. i learnt from you. Ajay.

hope you help us more in learning keyboard shortcuts.

I lyk more to work on System with shortcuts...Thanks for posting Ajay... Looking for more info...
u r welcome shilpashruti. i'll try to post more information.

have a nice day!

shilpashruti said:
I lyk more to work on System with shortcuts...Thanks for posting Ajay... Looking for more info...


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