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5- Hidden letters

by Sahar on October 30, 2011 at 8:34pm

Questioner considers a word or sentence and says how many letters it has.

Others say letters one by one to see the place of that letter.

Everyone who can find the answer sooner is the winner and s/he will be the next questioner.

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Mahgol Dear!

Now, what must we do?!

Where is your question?!

I mean the number of its letters?!!


I've got what is in your mind!

Does it have "S"?

How about "A"?!

After that "H",

And finally "R"?!!

Sahar is the answer!

Am I right?!

Now can I start next one?!





It has 11 letters and it contains 2 words;


Start please!

Say letters one by one.

sahar jan!

I was waiting you start!

Does it have e?




 What about O ?




hello Sahar and Mahgol 

how are you doing guys ? I'm sorry for being absent during last days....


let me suggest a letter here but before that I'd like to suggest a modification if you don't mind ???????

what about to confine the words that we share in specific topics. I guess it would be more exciting and benefic...

for example let's start our game like so

It has 11 letters and it contains 2 words.

the classification : adjectives, astronomy, economy, agriculture, engineering, computing, mathematics, medicine, human body, nouns, verbs,......etc


Start please!

now what do you think about that ??? hope you answer me soon and tell me if you have another suggestions ;)

now my guess is "S" the first letter of your name ;)

Dear Acor,

You are starting a new game but Sahar's hidden word has not yet been revealed..........Let us finish the word......first.

Okay, since Acor started anew..........let me finish your puzzle, SAHAR.


What is the penalty for jumping to a wrong conclusion?

Anele dear!

If it had double E then I had written both of them;


ACOR's question is in the rest of the first question, in fact he added a note to have the better game.


And what do you mean by that penalty?!

Sorry I have an exam and my mind can't be active well!



I don't know about the rlues here Anele. but  I'll vote to make your penalty harsher :p



Nice seeing you so!

Ok... oK!!

But it isn't any of those things that you've said!

I must think about it more...

And about "S"!



It doesn't have "S"!

As I also say this nice letter in this question at first myself too then I tried to find a question without "S" :)


I've made a mistake!

I'm here to say;

It has "S"!!

And because it sounds /sh/ then I was wrong about it!

In fact it is;


Now I'm sure that all of you can guess it easily :)




By the way, I have 10 chapters for exam and I've studied only one until now!

Oh... God!!

Please help me!

I'm going to study...

Bye for now :)

How come Acor knows the description of your word game?


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