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it's inspired by Sahar with some modifications about the feature and the method.

Now we are going to start walking on the boxes of the maze box by box launching from “ s” letter –which refers to the word “start”- to the letter “h” –which refers to the word “home”-

The first player will start with a word, then the next one will go on using a new word which starts with the last letter of the previous player. And thus we will fill the boxes with the letters  till we reach the home.

More than two or three players can take place in this game…

Eacth player will choose a color for him/her letters . The player who will reach the home sooner is the winner.

I designed this maze and  added some modifications in order to make it more exciting and entertaining. Hope you will enjoy it.


if you come across the impartial letters "the golden, whilte, and block boxes", You are not allowed to ignore them. So you have to make a suitable words by using them to go on approaching to the home


Ps: each one can design his/her maze and share it with us here. And we all can participate in it and have fun….

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Now allow me to begin this game with the word “sophistication

The next player will begin with the letter “n”

Good luck for all ;)


Sapid : [adj] full of flavor; interesting . 

The next player will begin with the letter “d”

dejected - disappointed

The next player will start with letter "d".

Since nobody is going to play because of the black box.........it is your turn now, Acor!  Only three persons can play this game.

Come on, Acor, hit the next word and lose your turn until Muwaffak and I do our part.

I was going to make the next step before Sahar made it...

I'm frozen now :S

are you happy Anele :S

Waht a nice game!

I like it so!!

Let me join you too, friends...



a brilliant step Sahar :)

What a brilliant game !!!!

With a brilliant members !!!

thanks for all

I enjoy it


hello man

I'm so happy to see you and hani participating us here

you are the most welcome my friend :)

Thanks bro, me toooooooooo


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