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You win!


   For being one of our winners, please give us the addresses of those 4 words which flower, prince, beauty and their happiness were hidden behind them.

Please let us know your idea about this story and game.


Thanks for your participating.


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the answer is ... 

capsize  _   casualty  _   cling  _  crave 

Hello dear Sahar, How are you doing? I hope you are good. About the story, It's one of the famous stories I like, really it gives a great message for the readers. Thanks for the nice job.

Well done!!

That's right exactly!





Hello Dear uLtImAtE


I'm so glad that I'm seeing you are always our first winner.


Dear Sahar .. 

Next time i will leave it for someone else .. 

Thank you.

Oh My!

But Why!!

No…  Please!


I like to see you here so much.

And also being the first is so admirable.

Those who are the first will stay in minds more.

They will encourage others to go on their way and grow.

Please always try to be the Best First as you are just like now.

Dear Sahar 

thanks for your reply, but i feel like the aim you are looking for is still far ... but I will do my best ... I hope so 

thank you.

It's our pleasure to have a winner in all of our Games :)
Please be with us.


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