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Some Vocabulary Terms For IELTS ......* UPDATING*

                                    THEME - EDUCATION 

 1) Graduate : To complete a first University Degree Successfully .

2) Curriculum : Course components of a College or school .

3) Qualification : An official Record showing that you've finished a course or have the necessary skills ,etc.

4) Course-work : Work done by students as a part of course during a course study ,  usually assessed in order to count towards a final mark or grade.

5) Cheat : To behave in a dishonest way in order to get what you want .

6) Literacy : The Ability to Read and Write .

7) Illiterate : Unable to Read or Write .

8) Primary(Elementary) Education : First years of formal education from around age 5 to 11.

9) Secondary Education : Education during the time as a teenager.

10) Higher(Tertiary)Education : Non-compulsory education after finishing school, such as university, as well as vocational education and training at colleges.

11) concentrate : To direct your attention or your efforts towards a particular activity, subject or problem.

                                 Theme : Crime 

1) Legislation : A law or a set of laws suggested by a government and made official by Parliament .

2) Deter : To make someone less enthusiastic about doing something by threatening bad results if they do it.

3) offender : Someone who is guilty of a crime .

4) Punish : To cause someone who has done something wrong or committed a crime to suffer, by hurting them, forcing them to pay money, sending them to prison, etc.

5) Prevention :When you stop something from happening or stop someone from doing something.

6) commit : To do something illegal or something that is considered wrong .


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