What's the best movie you've seen ?

And please tell me something about its theme ,setting  and so on .

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Hello Sara!
Thanks for your complete explanations.

@ Adlet,

Good idea! Thanks for sharing link.

song & photos ,....

where only power & money & beauty makes our world, every where  War, arsenals,.....  these days acid-throwing is a method and sweet debates and subjects in papers, movies, media,... 

  ,... humanity gone away, manliness is fading,....

There are men yet ,...

watching the movies such Dash Akol ( part of movie) which brings back good memories of generosity,nobility,.... may be more exciting !

Dash Akol is an Iranian drama film directed by Masoud Kimiai.

It was adopted from a short story of the same name written by Sadegh Hedayat .

Dash Akol a senior man from Shiraz who loved a girl , but because of his old age he never .....


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