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Are you comfortable speaking using Skype? If yes, I would like to invite you to join me in an activity via Skype. We'll try to help each other to practice reading MyEC news and interesting facts live.

I need a few volunteers for this activity. Who would like to join? Let me remind you that I'm not a native English speaker, nor a fluent member. I'm also an English learner myself. I organized this group for English practice purposes only.

Here are the guidelines that you should remember.

1. Our group discussion will be available every Monday and Thursday at 10am/11am GMT (Around 6pm here in the Philippines).

2. This group activity will last only for this month (September 2013).

3. The topics are based on MyEC "News" and "Interesting Facts in Easy English" that are posted/recorded by Teacher Tara Benwell. I'll post a link a day before our activity of what news we should be using. This will allow you time to prepare for the discussion.

4. We are not allowed to discuss politics, religion, and profane topics. Our focus in on the topic provided.

5. It is not advisable to share or ask any personal details such as full name, date of birth and address from other members. Also, asking for money in exchange for English practice is prohibited.

6. Be respectful to other members. During the activity, each of the members will be given enough time to speak. Please don't interrupt a member while he/she is reading the news.

7. If your pronunciation and reading style are being corrected, please don't take it personally. The objectives of this activity are to improve one's speaking and reading skills as well as build self-confidence.

If you agree with the guidelines, you can add your Skype ID below or send a message on my page. Let me know that you are interested. Thank you!

All the best!



I will try to be on-line on others days with the same time, 10am GMT (except weekends) and we could talk about different topics. I'll keep you posted!

Let's practice reading, shall we?

Activity 1 - September 02, 2013     Theme Restaurant True To Its Name

Activity 2 - September 05, 2013     Mr. Bean Saves The Day

Activity 3 - September 09, 2013     A Dentist Invented "Cotton Candy"

Activity 4 - September 12, 2013     Tokyo To Host 2020 Olympic Games

Activity 5 - September 16, 2013     PPS Stands For Post Postscript

Activity 6 - September 19, 2013     Long-Named Hawaiian Woman Wins ID Battle

Activity 7 - September 23, 2013     Three Dogs Survived the Titanic

Activity 8 - September 26, 2013     Shark Attacts Are Rare

Activity 9 - September 30, 2013     Honey Does Not Go Bad

---------------------------------End of Activity------------------------------------

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Replies to This Discussion

I am interesting

Hi Александр!

Thank you for showing interest to join the activity. If you're OK with the time set (10am or 11am GMT), you can send me your Skype. See you tomorrow then for our first group activity.

By the way, how do pronounce your name?

Robbie : )

Aleksandr 90969

Thank you, Aleksandr! I already sent a request on your Skype. See you tomorrow! :)

Yes, deffinetely excited to join in. My skype : stephen.alx
Thank you for this nice activity.

Hi Stephen!

That's great news! I already sent you a request on Skype. Thank you for showing your interest in joining the activity. If you're fine with the set time (around 10am or 11am GMT) then will start the activity tomorrow.

See you there!


Great idea Robbie :) I'll join you when ever i have time :) 

Your presence would be highly appreciated, Teacher Aija! : )

Hi Everyone!

For our activity tomorrow, we'll practice to read an article from MyEC Interesting Facts! Here's the link.


See you on Skype!


Hello, my Skype alexandr.derevyanchenko. Will you add me , please?

Hi Alexandr!

Thank you for your interest of joining! I'll add you on Skype shortly. For the meantime, you can practice reading the article for our activity today. I posted the link above.

See you on Skype!


See you!


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