Since we have this group in MyEC, many members face a problem using Vocaroo to record their voice. I suggest them to record their voice by computer then upload it here. To do so, there are just 2 steps:


  1. Record your voice by computer. You can see this blog to know How to Record Voice Using Your Computer.


  2.Upload your voice as a comment in two steps.

         A. click on the fifth icon from the left.


        B. Browse your file and then title it.


Ps. The icon above appears in creating blogs, comments in pages, and comments in groups. So, if you want to post your voice somewhere else, just copy the code and paste it wherever you want.

I would like to ask Mr. Essberger and Miss. Benwell here to make this icon appears everywhere in MyEC.


Pss. Don't forget to test these steps and post your voice here as a comment!




Good Luck

Skoon ...

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what a brilliant idea ... I'll upload mine as soon as possible since I can speak English with American and British accents.

somehow i cant see the clip :)

ok so lets try this i hope it works :)



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